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Тест для взрослых
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Тест для взрослых

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Вступительный тест. Entry test

Заполните пропуски в следующих предложениях, вставляя слова в скобках правильной форме. (Впишите, пожалуйста, ответы теста в соответствующие графы: таблицы на ответном листе)

1. We friends. Right? (to be)

2. Where he work? - He's a shop assistant in Harrold's. (to do)

3. She is a player than me. (good)

4. I count to 10 in Spanish (can)

5. Sorry, he is out. He (to have lunch)

6. I know that you married in 1970. (not to be)

7. He to my birthday party last year. (not to come)

8. Oh, I to London (to never be)

9. There's somebody at the door. - Don't worry. I (to answer).

10. Nowadays almost nobody a uniform at school. (to wear)

11. It's so hot here. Would you mind the window? (to open)

12. I tennis since the age of 10. (to play)

13. What will you do if he you to a party? (to invite)

14. I bought this drum when we a holiday in Jamaica. (to have)

15. The poem in Arabic some centuries ago. (to write)

16. Then she dialed the number which he for her at the phone. (to leave)

17. Your neighbours are so nice. If I were you, I to another flat. (to never move)

18. These days people more and more interested in Sports. (to get)

19. He said he her in his childhood. (to like)

20. The good news is that the criminals . (to arrest)

21. You can't go that way because the road . (to repair)

22. My flowers have died! - You should them. (to water)